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5 ways to make a luxurious reception desk

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The reception desk is usually the first point of contact for guests entering a hotel, office or any other location. Because of this, we pay special attention to the design of the reception desk area. First of all, for a luxurious place, the layout is very important, starting from the area of the lobby, the moment you go in to see the luxurious design decoration. To the front desk area, where customer service is most prominent, we needed a functional, aesthetically impressive design. So in this article, I’ll go through five ways to help you complete a luxurious front desk design that will give your front desk a fresh, eye-catching impression.

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The first ways: High-quality materials

The most important part of designing a reception desk is to choose to use some high-quality materials when making it. For example, some relatively high-end materials, such as marble, granite, glass or high-quality wood. Because these materials not only exude luxury, but also are durable, they ensure that our front desk can be used for a long time, reducing the cost of maintenance. You can also consider some elements to match, for example, you can add brass and gold elements design, so that you can add a very rich feeling.

The second ways: Custom design

To create a luxury reception desk, there is no doubt that it requires a customized service, according to some design concepts that you think luxury to customize a design that conforms to your company and hotel. In this area, you can choose a designer or architect you are familiar with, so that you can create a unique and eye-catching design, and you can add a logo or brand through the front desk, so that it reflects your company’s brand image. Combining some unique shapes, patterns, and textures can make your front desk design stand out and impress visitors.

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We are a specialized custom factory, we have our own team of designers, we can help you design a reception desk or the design of the entire store according to your requirements. Furniture throughout the store includes reception desk, display cases, storage, display cases, bar, decor, flooring, LED lights, logo making, accessories and more. So you just need to tell us, you want some design concept, size, as well as you like the style design, the use of materials.

The third ways: Technology

It means that technology is integrated into the front desk design, which can better enhance the function of the front desk and have a more humane approach. To this end, we can consider integrating features such as touchscreen displays, wireless charging stations or digital signage when designing, which can enhance the guest experience. The addition of these technological elements not only adds a modern and luxurious atmosphere to the front desk, but also provides guests with more efficient and convenient service.

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The third ways: lighting design

By adding appropriate lighting in the design of the reception desk, the overall look and feel of the luxury reception can be greatly different. Consider combining ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting to highlight key elements of the design and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose high quality lamps such as chandeliers, chandeliers, or LED strips to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the reception desk.

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The fourth ways: Details

To truly create a luxuriously designed front desk, we must pay attention to the smallest details. Consider adding decorative elements such as custom signage, artwork, or floral arrangements to enhance the overall look and feel of the space. Invest in high-quality furniture and accessories, such as designer chairs, vases or embellishments, to create a sense of cohesion and luxury. Remember, the devil is in the details, and even the smallest elements can have a big impact on the overall design of the front desk.

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  • Size: Be sure to customize according to the most used size of your reception desk, if you do not know the specific size, you can tell the designer after measurement, the designer will adjust according to the size you give, give you the final effect.
  • Color: Color is an important part of the reception desk or any design, and can even determine the aesthetics of the entire reception desk. So when choosing a color, you can choose the right one that matches your store. Don’t use too much color.
  • Materials: The use of materials also needs to be very careful, because the use of materials can directly determine the service life of the reception desk. Reception desk effect, if you are more focused on quality, you can use high-quality materials, using marble, stainless steel and so on.

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