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8 tips for store layout

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If you are planning to build a store, but do not know how to do the layout of the store, this article will guide you to better organize your store layout design and decoration problems. Will make your store look very reasonable and is clean, logical design sense.Here are 8 tips I can give you on store layout.

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Here are 8 tips I can give you on store layout.

  1. Clear roads. There is an old Chinese saying that when the road is cleared, business will naturally come. Create a clear path for customers: Make sure your store layout has a sensible flow that guides customers through different areas and products. The layout of the store can not be too crowded, resulting in customers can not find their own things smoothly, which is not desirable. The best thing is to calculate the size before the cabinet and the cabinet, and do a proper position to let customers flow. Designers will usually help you design the customer’s moving position during the design, which is the meaning of design.
  2. LOGO. Use signage effectively: Use clear and informative signage to help customers navigate your store and find what they’re looking for. logo is the most important identification of a store, which is to distinguish it from other businesses, so it is a very important identification code used in the store. And adding your own logo on your furniture will also help customers to see your brand at any time. This is a good advertisement.
  3. Classify. It means to group similar products together: Organize your store layout so that similar products are grouped together, making it easier for customers to find what they need. Just like a large supermarket, the layout of the store will be very chaotic if it is not classified. We can put similar or similar categories in similar positions. So the customer can find the exact location. For example, if the products are used in the supermarket, we need to distinguish cleaning products, household products, snack areas, and fresh areas as a category. So the customer can see the road sign or similar location to find what they want to buy.
  4. Create focus: Use eye-catching displays or focal points to draw customers’ attention to a specific product or promotion. We walk on the road usually a lot of businesses will give you their own store to advertise or discount advertising written in front of their own store, or in the internal establishment of a promotional activity, so as to attract the attention of customers, the idea is very good.
  5. Easy navigation: Make sure there is enough space between aisles and displays for easy navigation and wheelchair access. Inside the store, it is best to keep the floor flat, not uneven, so that customers in wheelchairs or with limited mobility can easily move around without tripping. The flat floor also makes it easy for us to move the furniture in the store. The store can also design some navigation signs, so that it can be convenient for customers to know what they want for the first time.
  6. Think about the customer journey: Think about the customer journey and how they move through your store and make sure key products are placed in areas with high foot traffic. The store’s key or main products, hot products in the customer will pass by the place can let each of our customers can be attracted. This is a very good marketing tool. It is also an issue that we must consider when doing store layout.
  7. LED. Use lighting effectively: Lighting has a big impact on the ambiance of your store, so use it strategically to highlight products and create a welcoming environment. A good lighting can make our store look very clear, usually the color of the store can be white, warm white or any color you like, it is best to be consistent with your theme design. But don’t be too flashy colors, or people will think you are selling lights.
  8. Update the furniture. Update and refresh your layout regularly: Keep your store layout fresh and interesting by regularly changing displays, rearranging products, and updating signage. This will encourage repeat visits and keep customers engaged. It means that some furniture can be updated when the store has been operating for a period of time, so that more dynamic things can be presented in the eyes of customers. Because our products and stores are constantly updated with the pace of The Times, continuous innovation can achieve the best results.

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