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How to make a popular reception desk?

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How to create a popular front desk? We all know that creating a welcoming reception desk is an essential step for anyone who wants to impress clients and customers. For a company, a store and a hotel, the reception desk is the first place for visitors to contact, it is no exaggeration to say that any entry into your field, you need to go to the front desk to consult, whether it is an appointment, looking for someone, talking about cooperation, investment, intention of partners and so on.

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You need a regular front office to support your business to continue to have a better chance of growth. This is how we know that our front desk is a very important place, so its design attention is also an essential point.Among them, in the design of a reception desk, there are several key factors we must consider, including the use of the reception desk function, aesthetics, brand. In this article, we will show you some tips and strategies to make our front desk more usable and beautiful.

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Function is more direct for the reception desk, why is it so? The main purpose of setting up a reception desk is to receive visiting customers, and the reception desk is a medium. Let our staff and visitors exchange and communicate a bridge, so practical for this reception desk is the ultimate goal.

  • The design of the reception desk should take into account the main tasks of the receptionist. For example, it is to answer the phone visits from different customers, the visitors arrive at the reception desk of the company, guide them, sort out the paperwork of visitors, and complete the work tasks for the company.
  • Plenty of work space. The work area of a reception desk will also expand as the business grows, so you need to design a few employees to work in it and set up enough space so that workers can complete the corresponding work.
  • Storage. A reception desk must have a storage location design, because we have to receive different customers every day, so it is very important to build a customer profile. The contents of these documents are also confidential to the company, so you need to have a storage space so that our documents can be better stored.
  • Countertop.Countertop layout. The counter top is needed to ensure that the receptionist can work comfortably throughout the day. Considering the height of the counter, so we need to combine adjustable tables, footstools and spacious working space as well as the environment.


Aesthetic design. Why do we design the reception desk? Just because we can’t make it according to the ordinary design concept, we also need to consider the aesthetics of the reception desk and the design theme of the cabinet to make it.

The front desk should be able to reflect the overall style and brand image of the business, creating a cohesive and professional appearance. When designing, you can consider adding materials such as glass, metal or wood to create a stylish and modern aesthetic.

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In addition, you can also integrate the brand’s theme and logo into the design of the reception desk to strengthen the brand’s image and create a memorable impression. Let our reception desk achieve a good marketing effect, but also let visitors remember your main concept.

LED lighting is a very important addition to the reception desk, as it can enhance the overall appearance of the reception desk and create a welcoming atmosphere.


The layout of the front desk is very important. The location layout of the table should be strategic, reasonable layout display, so that the reception staff and visitors can easily access and navigate. Given that the reception desk is located near the entrance to the main entrance, create a central point of contact. We should have enough space in the layout for customers to move and move.

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Personalization is a mainstream pursuit of modern society, because now a lot of things are copy and paste, there is nothing of their own. Therefore, individuation is very important in this area. Personalized design involves customizing brand elements, logos, colors, or company philosophies to create a cohesive and memorable visual identity.

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