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Is it really necessary to customize a reception desk?

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The answer to this question will be divided into two explanations, the first is unnecessary, the second is very necessary. Obviously both responses are extreme. For example, the first answer is not necessary. If you need to make this reception desk is used in some business without their own brand or is a temporary suggestion, there is really no need to customize the amount. You can directly buy ready-made, as long as the price is right, the size is right, the style is right, everything will come naturally.

Very necessary!!!

Why customizing a reception desk is necessary.

  1. Theme style. It means that when we make the reception desk, we need to do 3d rendering design according to the customer’s requirements. Then confirm the size of the reception desk according to the size of the store in order to adapt to the store.
  2. Shape. There are many styles of grounding platform design, L shape, U shape, round, arc, straight, snake, geometric shape and so on. The shape design is also a lot of knowledge and attention, generally used in museums with artistic atmosphere, the shape of the reception desk can be a personalized design. If it is used in the company, the shape can be L-shaped, and if it is the reception desk of the hotel, it can be straight or it can be the same front desk design with LED lights.
  3. Color. Reception desk color design also has a great deal of knowledge, generally speaking, this can be in accordance with the overall design theme to determine our color. The use of color determines the tone of this interior space and the layout of the store. Played a very important role.
  4. Size. If you are looking for a reception desk for your store, then you must first confirm the size of the ground desk to be made before you can start the next step. That is to say, the size can not be made according to the conventional, because it needs to be made according to your store layout to know how much the final size needs to be made is the most suitable for use in your space.front desk
  5. Unique. A lot of things are repetitive these days. An obvious phenomenon is that we usually buy clothes, we walk on the street casually can see another person or even with several people. So being unique is going to be very important.
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  7. Unique logo. It means that we can add your own exclusive logo on the reception desk, and we can also design a matching reception desk for you according to your logo theme.

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