Bear shaped reception desk Modern institutional reception desk


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There are many choices for the style design of the reception desk, and each style design is used in different places. The design of cabinets, simple strips and patterns are very unique. Just like the front desk design used in the institution, the children’s playground, its front design is a bear shape design, he is not flat, but convex effect.A circle around is with a color design effect, can be the temperament of the whole reception area.

reception desk

Bear shape

We all watch a lot of cartoons, can you imagine if an animated character appeared in our design, what kind of effect would it have? Let me introduce you to this front desk with a three-dimensional bear design. The upper part of the bear’s ears are three-dimensional, with stickers in the middle.

The paint is surrounded by a glossy effect, bright light. After more than five times of grinding, the reception desk is very smooth to the touch. We use arc paint for the corner position. After polishing, we can avoid customer collision.From a distance it looks like there’s a little bear standing in the middle. Used in some institutions, children’s parks, children’s clothing stores, baby stores are very good design ideas. Can attract the attention of children, may improve the temperament of the whole store.

reception desk

Size: 2000x600x900mm
Materials: Glossy paint, engraving, sticker
Production: 28 working days

Customized options

We are a factory specializing in custom furniture, if you have any custom ideas please contact our staff to make it for you. You can design your store size or the front desk size you need to design, your favorite style design, your favorite design concept, color, and the materials you want to use, all of which can be designed according to your requirements. Our design cost is 300 US dollars to design the reception desk, if you are a store, you need to calculate the design cost, generally 100 square meters of the store design cost is 800 US dollars. If the area is smaller, the design cost will be less. So please let us know more information!