Beauty shop custom modern reception desk and LED lights



The reception desk of the beauty shop is one of the essential elements, and our design should be close to the modern design and fashion concept. It’s a very simple thing. Let me show you how we can create the perfect design concept for you. Start with the design, layout and material.

The first step :design

The reception desk is in the shape of a line, the surface is white paint and inlaid LED light combination. To make this design feel very design and attract the attention of the customer, the bottom is brown stainless steel kick. On the right is the gold stainless steel finish design, which you can see is a very modern and luxurious, light luxury design theme. The countertops are also brown paint. Or you can make it artificial.

The second step :Layout

The layout of this reception desk is very clear, in the middle of the hall on the back is the background, in front is designed a reception desk, the theme is white with gold stainless steel as the finish. In front of the reception desk, there are leaves glowing like catkins, and inside are embedded LED lights as decoration. This layout is a very attractive design concept, inside we designed drawers, cabinet doors, lockers, layers to place computer keyboards, computer hosts, lockers to place files.

The second step :material

The main material of this reception desk is the use of baking paint as the base material, the surface is white baking paint, after more than five times of grinding color, dry, and then install accessories. To the right of the reception desk is a gold stainless steel finish, and the front is illuminated by leds. We’ll install stainless steel kickers on the bottom. If you want your reception desk to look brighter, we can add LED lights below to illuminate.