Bright Surface Shell Shape Reception Desk – Unique Design for Office Spaces


Unique shell-shaped reception desk with a bright surface, perfect for any office space.


The bright surface shell-shaped reception desk is a unique and eye-catching addition to any office space. Its sleek design and functionality make it the perfect focal point for welcoming guests and clients.The reception desk in the shape of a sea blue shell is a very unique counter designed to attract the attention of customers and visitors. Because of its special shape, it also has a modern and fashionable design sense. The surface is a wavy design that adds some sophistication and elegance to our reception desk design. It also makes a very bold impression on our clients.

Bright surface

In addition to practicality, the bright-faced reception desk also makes a bold design statement. Its clean lines and modern design will complement a variety of decorative styles, from modern to traditional. Whether in a corporate office, a hotel lobby, or a medical facility, this reception is sure to impress visitors.

The reception desk is like a shell, and the back of the interior is also a snail trap like a shell, and there are gaps before the lines and lines. Aesthetically, it’s a very beautiful design.Inside the counter is enclosed in a circle, so that the staff can freely move and work in the inside, which can accommodate 3-4 people. The countertop is also a smooth surface treatment, the color is brown or is made into a decorative panel, you can also get a similar effect.

Shell shape

A shell is the kind of shell we often find on the beach, can you imagine that it can also be made into a reception desk? And its shape is very close to that of a real shell. You can see the gap in the shell behind. Line to line before is very reasonable.So you’re wondering what kind of material is used at the reception desk? The answer is: paint can be done, and it is bright. The worker stands inside the shell, just like a pearl inside the shell. It’s very interesting.

  1. Size: Diameter 2200mm, width 600mm, height 1100mm or customized
  2. Material: navy banking paint or custom
  3. Production: About 28 business days
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