Children’s Playground front desk Fun pink baby shop front desk


When we walk into a mother and baby store or children’s playground with a very interesting design, the first thing that will attract children and parents is its appearance. A fun children’s playground design allows our children to play in it all day long, just like girls usually like pink things, and boys like something fun and cartoonish. The design of this reception desk is interesting, it combines two design elements: one is gentle powder and interesting geometric stitching becomes very interesting.

reception desk

Children’s store decoration

We have also done a lot of children’s parks for customers, maternal and child stores, store design includes all the decoration of the store, display cabinets, shelves, toy display cabinets, front desk, counters, lockers, wall cabinets, floor, ceiling decoration and so on.

Before considering starting a shop project, we need to have an accurate understanding of the positioning of the shop. How old are the customers you are facing, and the main sellers we want to catch. Just like the project design of this children’s store, we can improve the layout of the entire store.

reception desk

Like this baby shop, its front desk design is very interesting, you can see its positive theme is pink, white and wood, the combination of these three colors is most suitable for use in the mother and baby shop, it will make people feel very warm and friendly. In the design of the front desk, the left side is pink paint, and in the triangle design on the right side, we have added three semicircles of different colors inside, which is very small and cute.


The design theme of the cabinet inside the reception desk is pink, and the locker inside is equipped with cabinet doors, drawers, storage rooms, and keyboard trays. In the design of the countertop, we added a curved baffle, so that our things can not be dropped on the top.

reception desk

Size: 1500x600x900mm
Material: Baking paint
Production: 28 working days
Shape: Straight shape or custom