Company geometry reception desk white customize counter for shop


Modern white reception desk with geometric design for office spaces.


The Company geometry reception desk in white is a sleek and modern piece perfect for any office setting. Its geometric design offers functionality and style.The white geometric reception desk is a stylish and modern addition to any office or reception area. With its geometric design and clean lines, this table offers a modern look that is both functional and stylish. The white color adds a fresh, clean aesthetic to the space, while the spacious workspace and storage make it suitable for all reception needs. The white geometric reception area adds a touch of sophistication to your office.

Inside can accommodate four people, the counter can set up the counter , folder, phone and other items. Under the lockers we’ll install lockers with locks so you can put your personal belongings in them. Customers can also place some decorations on the counter, and you can also install your logo on the front of the reception desk when designing. This is a good way to promote your company brand. Achieve good advertising benefits.

Custom size At the reception desk, the size is white or custom. We can also help you make a new design, we have our own designer team, so you just need to tell us the size you need to customize and your favorite style design, we will design according to your requirements.

If you want to make other furniture besides the reception desk, you can also contact us, we can help you customize. You just need to tell us the size and the style of the cabinet. Feel free to contact us.