Contemporary Front Desk Salon with Stainless Steel and Fire Panels


Sleek and modern front desk salon with stainless steel and fire panel accents.


This modern front desk salon features a sleek design with stainless steel accents and fire panels, creating a contemporary and stylish aesthetic for any salon space.The modern front desk salon design features stylish stainless steel counters with fireproof panels embedded in the wall behind the counter. The counter design is minimalist, with clean, sleek lines that reflect the salon’s high-end aesthetic. The fire panels add a touch of industrial chic to the space with their bold red and metallic tones.

Gold stainless steel

The front desk made of gold stainless steel can make your whole area full of luxury style, coupled with the white marble fire board production, make your front desk design luxurious but edge close to the style of modern design.

The bottom design is also fitted with gold stainless steel kickers that match the gold of the design above.The front of the counter can add your own logo, as a publicity can also increase the impression of guests.


Size: 1500x600x900mm
Material: gold stainless steel and white marble fire board
Production time: 28 working days

We are a factory that directly customizes furniture. If your front desk needs a customized size or the size is different from the size on the picture, my suggestion is to make the final effect drawing according to your size.