Curved bowl shaped marble reception desk modern design


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This curved bowl-shaped design in marble is a modern design reception desk that is stylish and sophisticated in any office or lobby space. This table with its unique shape and high-end marble material creates an eye-catching visual focus, elegant and functional. The smooth, polished marble surface adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall design, making the client interested in further exploring its design structure and layout.

Bowl shape design

This bowl-shaped reception desk not only attracts the attention of the customer visually, but also has a very useful commercial value, and the display of white marble with some ink painting lines is also extremely rare, creating a timeless elegance for our lobby.The curved bowl design of the reception desk is a very elegant representative, you can see that the front of the reception desk is a very high cabinet display. But walk into a look, you will see that its front is not a simple arc, the front is a wave-shaped grain, simple lines, but not a simple pattern. In the simple white theme, a design theme like ink painting is added.

reception deskreception desk

Marble is a natural stone, it is widely liked by the public because of its hardness and life, but also become one of the materials of choice for most decoration. Usually, our interior design is an essential material, such as the floor, walls, reception desk, counter, display cabinet, kitchen, etc., can use this material.The smooth, cool surface of the marble is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the table will continue to look beautiful and fresh for years to come.

Custom layout

The design of the front desk is essential, which is related to the layout, design and display of the effect of our entire business area. To a large extent, it can affect the image of the entire company. For example, the design of the front desk theme of the cabinet needs to be consistent with the layout effect of the entire office area, and the company’s brand promotion is also one of the parts that need to be considered.Incorporating a company logo or other brand elements into the design of the desk can also help strengthen brand recognition and create a memorable experience for visitors.The front desk usually needs more than 2 people to complete the business inside, so the layout of the inside is also very important, if your office location is relatively rich, inside you can design drawers for personal use. Or is it to design a few chairs, preferably adjustable, so that the staff can perform the task according to their most suitable height.

Size: 2000x600x900mm
Material: Marble grain, stone fire board, custom
Scope of application: hotel lobby, hair salon, office, studio, art gallery, etc
Production time: About 28 working days
Design time: 2-3 days