Deluxe Gold Front Desk in Lobby – Elegant Reception Area Furniture


Elevate your lobby with the Deluxe Gold Front Desk, featuring a stunning gold finish and spacious design for a luxurious touch.


The Deluxe Gold Front Desk in Lobby adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any reception area. Featuring a sleek gold finish and ample storage space, this desk is perfect for making a stylish first impression.The luxurious gold reception desk in the lobby exudes elegance and sophistication. Rich gold finishes add a touch of luxury to the space, creating a warm and impressive first impression for guests. The tables are spacious and well designed, with plenty of space for multiple staff to assist guests effectively. Stylish design and high-quality materials make the front desk the focal point of the lobby, setting the tone for an upscale experience waiting for guests during their stay.

Color and customization

The color of the reception desk is gold plus, the edges are surrounded by black borders, and the countertop is black design. Your logo can be added to the front of the front desk, and the logo can be made of acrylic light or no light is no problem. We can also help you customize the appropriate colors and reasonable layout according to your store or company’s theme design.

The dimensions of this front desk are about 2450x600x980mm.We accept custom service, so you just need to let us know the custom size and style. Production time is about 25 working days.Before the production, you can contact our customers to give you customized services. Before the production, we will draw detailed construction drawings for you to confirm.

How to customize the reception desk?

If you want to build a reception desk, you can tell our customer service the shape you want to customize, including L shape, U shape, circle shape, arc shape, geometric shape, unique shape, etc. as well as the size you need to customize, some design concepts or styles you like, colors.