Educational Institution Beauty Salon Information Desk cashier counter


Information desk for educational institution beauty salon.


The colored solid wood bar L-shaped reception desk is a stunning piece of furniture that adds both functionality and style to any office or workspace. This desk is designed to make a statement with its sleek and modern design, while also providing ample space for receptionists to work efficiently.Crafted from high-quality solid wood, this reception desk is built to last for years to come. The colored finish adds a touch of warmth and richness to the space, making it a welcoming focal point for visitors and clients.

 L-shaped design

The front of the reception desk is made of colored solid wood strips and white solid wood strips, and the overall shape is an L shape. On the left is a simple line, on the right is a smooth paint combination.The L-shaped reception desk is very convenient, you can get the documents or things you want. Dealing with visitors is also very convenient, you do not need to run around, just need to stand on the post to complete the visitor matters.Around the corner we have a space to store your belongings or company documents, under the counter with lockers, drawers. It is convenient for you to open or close at any time.

reception desk

Custom colors and sizes

There are many colors to choose from, green, black, yellow, orange, white, black, purple and so on. All you have to do is tell us what color we like. According to your favorite colors, we will give you a 3d rendering for your reference. So you can see the final design.

The size is 1400x600x1000mm, L shape, if your space is relatively large, you can also customize the appropriate size according to your space to suit your position.The larger space can accommodate 3-4 employees, and the cabinets inside can be customized according to your requirements. Generally workers will have drawers next to them, so that they can easily pick up or take things, documents, etc.

reception desk


A shelf is designed next to the counter. The reason for this design is that the space of the shelf can hold more documents or items. There are three layers in total, on which will be placed some company documents, customer information or visitor registration, appointment information. So it was necessary to add a shelf next to it. Workers can also get the documents they want at hand, which is very convenient design.

Books can also be placed on the top of the shelf, so that visiting customers can read books and kill time while waiting. The counter space is large enough for your computer, phone, and folders.

You can also customize the layout inside, build drawers, cabinet doors, and design with locks. It’s usually very necessary. It’s also convenient for you to store valuable items. Two chairs can also be placed inside for workers to sit in office.

reception desk