Elegant Bowl-Shaped Reception Desk for Luxurious Lobby


Luxurious bowl-shaped reception desk for a sophisticated lobby.


This luxurious bowl-shaped reception desk in the lobby is an eye-catching centerpiece that exudes elegance and sophistication, providing a welcoming first impression to visitors.The high-end hotel lobby will be designed with a matching reception to entertain our customers and facilitate our visitors to consult and register.Like this bowl design of the front desk designer is very advanced, the top is large, the bottom is small. It’s like the bowl we eat in. At the splicing of the two colors, we also see the decoration of white LED lights. Under the illumination of the lights, we can see that the counter is very clear in design and display.

Unique shape

The bowl design of the reception desk designer is very unique, very few reception desk designers like a bowl shape. Its design above the individual a very high-end, style is very novel vision. Can fully attract the attention of customers and visitors. The top is a taupe design, the middle is a patchwork with white LED lights added, and the bottom is jazz white. The combination of the two colors is very bold, like a collision of fashion and classical. But luckily, it’s a perfect fit.

Marble material

This front desk is made of marble with taupe pattern above and jazz white marble below. The combination of two different colors is a very high-end design style. White LED lighting is added in the middle. The inside of the counter can stand two workers, and the layout inside is the design of the cabinet and drawer as well as the cabinet door.The countertop is also made of white marble, which is very easy to clean and easy to use.

Reception desk decoration

Every counter needs to be decorated, if only a counter is placed in a space, it will appear very monotonous, so some decorations will play a very good role. Like this counter in this hall inside the decoration will be hanging on the top of the chandelier, like a plume of smoke floating in the sky. It is very fairyland, and the decoration of the back of the counter is also installed with some solid wood strips as embellishment.

If you have followed my advice above, then you will have the problem of how to decorate your reception area. Most customers want to see the final image before production. We can do the design for you and make the whole area according to your counter style.

The design fee cost is 300 USD. You can send your design requirements, dimensions and materials to our customer service, and we will help you make 3d renderings according to your requirements. During the period, you can modify the design for free. After the design is confirmed, we will give you the detailed construction drawings.