Elegant Glass Light Bar Counter Design for Bars and Restaurants


Stylish glass light bar design for a chic atmosphere in bars and restaurants.


Create a chic and inviting atmosphere in your bar or restaurant with this stylish glass light bar design. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space.At first glance, the designer of this bar is very cool and artistic. There are two colors inside, one is ocean blue, and the other is flame color. The combination of two colors is like the melting of water and fire, which is very design.

The material is transparent like a piece of glass, but inside will be installed two colors, one is flame color and the other is ocean blue, but the two colors are not mixed, but separate.The most common is to use in hotels, halls or bars are very popular style design.

Size: 2850x650x1100mm

Color: Ocean Blue, Flame or custom

Production: About 28 business days

Payment method: Wire transfer. Pay 50% deposit to start production and the remaining 50% before shipping

Please contact the customer service staff for any customized requirements, and tell the customer service your customized requirements, color, logo, style and size