Elegant Orange Reception Desk with LED Light in Lobby – Modern Office Furniture


Modern orange reception desk with LED lights for a stylish lobby.


Make a statement with this elegant orange reception desk featuring built-in LED lights in the lobby. This modern piece is sure to impress visitors and create a stylish first impression for your business.This elegant orange reception desk with LED light in the lobby is sure to make a statement as soon as guests enter the space. The vibrant orange color adds a pop of energy and personality, while the LED light underneath the desk adds a touch of modern sophistication.

  1. The combination of orange and white is a very modern and vibrant design theme, which is designed under the counter in a wavy shape. The installation of LED lights under the counter makes our counter look very beautiful and interesting.
  2. After the treatment, the countertop is very smooth and looks like a work of art from a distance. In front of the counter, we also designed some chairs to match. If you have room on the back, you can also do the same as this design, and design some back cabinets or decorations to match the counter. Some chandeliers or decorative patterns are installed on the top.
  3. The dimensions of the cabinet are 2500x600x1100mm. The production time was about 28 working days. If you have any custom ideas for the cabinet, please let our designers or customer service know. We will help you to make a new design, and the design time is about 2-3 days. The design cost of the reception desk is 300 US dollars. We will render different angles for you, modify the design for free, and confirm the design. We will give you detailed construction drawings for confirmation.