Eye-Catching Fire and white Marble Reception for Office Spaces


Elevate your space with a stunning fire and marble reception area.


The eye-catching fire and marble reception is a stunning focal point for any business or office space, combining the warmth of a fireplace with the elegance of marble.The front of this reception desk is a flame-colored design on the left and a patchwork of white marble on the right. The surface is sleek in design, adding some elegance to our reception area. The flickering flames seemed to be dancing, casting a warm glow on my space. It’s like asking our guests to relax in this space.

As we all know, marble material is a more expensive material, if used in your office is to make your office area look particularly advanced and rich. In particular, the flame color is particularly prominent on the left side, and some tree-trunk design lines are in the middle.

LED light

The reception area is equipped with luxurious seating arrangements, perfect for guests to sit comfortably while waiting. The decor is modern and chic, with gold and silver tones complementing the fireplace’s fiery red hue.If you want to design your reception desk with a bit of personality, this one design theme is perfect for you. The color of fire represents passion, the white countertop represents modern simplicity, and the black represents nobility.

We have installed LED lights under the counter, so that your counter can be better displayed in front of people. The surface of the counter is concave and convex, so it looks very design, scientific and technological sense. When you walk in, you feel the power of technology. The two sides of the countertop are rounded, and the smooth surface adds a new level of design concept.The flames reflect off the polished surface, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Custom style design

We have also done many similar designs like this. If you plan to customize a style design, but don’t have any favorite style, you can tell us some of the elements you like. We will help you make a new design according to your requirements, so you just need to let us know the size you want and the style you want to customize. There is no problem with that.

The layout inside can also be customized according to your want to go, generally you plan to sit inside several people, you can install cabinet doors and drawers in the seating area. In this way, you can store company documents or things in the closet.