Geometric shapes black and white splice front desk custom counter for sale


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The counter design of geometric shapes can make people’s eyes shine, coupled with the combination of black and white colors, so that the counter more shows the fashion and minimalist aesthetics, clean lines and sharp angles give people a modern feeling. The black and white color scheme adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall design.The geometric shape in front of the table creates a visually striking pattern that catches the eye and adds interest to the piece. The contrasting colors of black and white create a bold and vibrant look.

Geometric shapes 

The main feature of the reception desk is the use of various shapes, triangles, squares and several other shapes. These shapes are dominated by their unique and eye-catching design. The color palette at the geometric reception is usually neutral and muted, with white, black, gray, or metallic colors being common choices.This minimalist approach to color draws attention to the table’s interesting shapes and design elements, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look.The size and layout of the reception desk can vary according to the specific needs of the space. Whether the office space is modern, traditional, industrial or eclectic, a geometric reception desk can be easily integrated with existing decor.

To the left of the reception desk is a geometric pattern in black color, and to the right is something like an inverted triangle, climbing on the left counter as a support point. This counter is mainly made of black and white or black paint.The storage cabinet inside the reception desk can also be customized, generally there will be drawers, cabinet doors. The countertop space can house your computer, office files, registration forms, mobile phones, company directories and other related documents. At the same time, in order to facilitate the use of computers and other equipment, we will also install sockets at the counter, so that you can plug in and use the equipment.

Checkout counter

The reception desk also has another name called the cash register, which is mainly for some small companies, family businesses. Because of the small location, the cashier and the front desk can be treated as one thing. It can be the ordering area, the customer registration area. Just like the hotel is the same, the guests need to take the ID card to the front desk to check in the personal information before checking in, but also need to order the room, this time we can also be called the cashier. So the name of different places can also be different.

Size: 3200x600x900mm
Material: Black paint, grey/white paint
Production time: About 28 working days
Customization service: According to your requirements to provide 3d rendering design, different angles, the design fee is 300 dollars. So you just need to tell us your design requirements. For example: size, style design, color, logo, material
Design services: Free design modification, rendering from different angles, drawing detailed construction drawings after confirmation