Gold stainless steel trim with wavy lines reception desk beauty salon


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The beauty salon reception desk decorated with gold metal stainless steel is a very beautiful design project. You can see on the left side of this reception desk are curved lines that enhance the whole vitality, elegance of the beauty salon. Modern design themes, coupled with the collision of different colors always produce different effects. The gold trim adds a touch of luxury, while the wavy lines give the table a unique and striking look.

reception desk

1. Metal stainless steel decoration

Beauty salon decoration style plus luxury metal stainless steel, very senior luxury. Its surface is smooth and shiny metal finish. Metallic stainless steel trim is available in several colors, gold, silver, black, rose gold. The appearance is simple, beautiful with a sense of luxury design, its main function is waterproof and scratch-resistant.A glowing logo is placed above the metallic stainless steel trim.

2.Line design

The lines here are curved lines on the left side of the reception desk. The distance between the lines is getting bigger and thinner. On the far left is the greatest distance, tapering to the right. Let my reception desk design is no longer monotonous, more elegant. We’ll get better at the finer points, too. The whole thing looks like the waves of the ocean trying to blow to the right.With colorful paint and a gold stainless steel finish on the right side, this is simply a very delicate work.

reception desk

3.LED light and logo

In general, we will add our own logo as a logo at the reception desk, which can also let customers remember your brand name from, which is a very good marketing means. So we will add glowing logo text on the metal stainless steel. The bottom of the reception desk is generally metal stainless steel kicks, which can well protect our cabinets from damage. And we will also add white LED lights at the bottom to illuminate the entire reception desk and lobby area.

The design of the area inside the reception desk is also very reasonable, there are two drawers on the left, a pull-out cabinet that can be placed in the middle of the computer keyboard, three drawers on the right, and two cabinet doors, and a cabinet without doors next to it. So you can put your mainframe in there. There are three different size lockers on the left.The colors of our cabinets can be customized, and different colors will produce different effects, so you can tell us the colors you like. Our color options are yellow, white, black, purple, cyan, green, pink, etc.