Handcrafted Wooden Reception Desk with Lights – Elegant Reception Area Furniture


Handcrafted wooden reception desk with built-in lights for a sophisticated touch to your reception area.


Enhance the ambiance of your reception area with this stunning carved wooden reception desk featuring built-in lights for added elegance and sophistication. Crafted from high-quality wood, this desk is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your clients and visitors.Carve something on top of your cabinet and the end result will look great. It’s very textured and sculpted to make your cabinet look very sophisticated. The material is the use of fire panels, and the LED lights installed under the counter will also make your reception desk look very warm and nice.

Customization procedure

1.Make deisgn:If we only design a reception desk, the design cost is 300 US dollars, we will arrange to start the design after receiving your design cost, and the design time will be 2-3 days

2.Design process.In this process you can modify the design for free, tell our customer service your design idea. Also, if you need to add your logo or brand to the reception desk, please send the logo file to the designer

3.Quotation.We will give you a detailed quotation after the design is confirmed. Include materials used, dimensions made, and items included in the quote. Such as LED lights, logo, keys, locks these accessories are included in the quotation. Please refer to the final quotation for specific quotation

4.Production.We will draw detailed construction drawings for you after receiving your deposit, and we will confirm with you before production. Production time is about 28 working days.

5.Update progress.We will follow up the production progress in time after the start of production, and we will send you pictures and videos of production to confirm. Our office is right next to the company, so you can check the production progress at any time.

6.Finish.When the customer confirms that it is ready for production, we can start packing. Before packing, we will clean it, use foam packing, and then pack it in wooden cases.