High-End Hotel Reception Customization counter design LED light


Create a luxurious and personalized hotel reception with our high-end customization services.


Enhance your first impression of the hotel with our high-end hospitality customization services. From luxurious decor to personalized stay experiences, we’ll help you create a memorable welcome for your guests.High-end hotel reception customization includes a variety of elements to provide guests with a luxurious, personalized experience.

Some ways to customize a high-end hotel reception

  • Personalized check-in process:
    When guests arrive, we can provide some drinks or snacks for customers, and we also need to arrange special staff to guide customers to the right room and customize a personalized welcome ceremony for customers in the room.
  • Custom concierge service
    Provide customers with some personalized dining, shopping and activities, and arrange some personalized services for customers in the area of customer activity. For example, we arrange private Tours for customers, book restaurants, and provide 24-hour concierge services to meet customers’ needs.
  • Luxurious tourist facilities
    When the customer is ready to wash, we can provide the customer with high quality toiletries, plush bathrobes and slippers, we can provide quality linens and bedding in the living room. Can also be in the customer’s room, to provide customers with room fragrance for guests to choose.
  • Personalized room decor
    We can customize the decoration in the customer’s room, which can match the customer’s preferences. For example, you can display their favorite flowers or artworks in their room.

Likewise, if you have any customization ideas for your reception desk or your furniture, you can contact us. We are a direct custom furniture factory, we can help you customize your counter according to your requirements.