High-end L shape marble slab front desk Hotel company reception desk




My goodness! This L-shaped reception desk is so beautiful!! The front looks like a combination of several different styles of marble, and the decoration of metal stainless steel in the middle makes the reception desk very high and luxurious. The whole looks like a luxurious concept, and visitors can see the reception desk with resplendent design the first time they enter the door. Do you know why the design of this reception desk is so remarkable? Now let me introduce you.

reception desk

Marble like “jewels”

Did you know that when it’s called marble, it looks like jewelry? Because the grain, the lines, and the patterns are exactly the same as some rare jewelry. We all know that some jewelry styles are very rare, and even after years of digging or discovery, you will find a royal blue counter like this. This is a very luxurious marble, usually used in some relatively high occasions or ancient court can only be used.

reception desk

It is worth mentioning that the royal blue marble material on the right, its pattern is really hard to not like, if you add it to your reception desk design concept, then you will gain a lot of things. The first ultimate is to get customer attention, the second level of your business can be raised a level, the business can follow up. Coupled with the gold stainless steel decoration in the shape of Z beside it, this reception becomes luxurious, and the black and gray reception desk on the left plays an auxiliary role.

Z shape gold stainless steel

Decoration is also essential in the design of the reception desk, like the current reception desk, with a Z-shaped gold stainless steel as the finish. Directly pull up the grade of the reception desk, the surface is smooth and glossy finish, and the decoration of LED lights can improve the visibility of our front desk to a greater extent. Many halls, hotels, beauty salons, aesthetics, institutions, organizations are very fond of using this design.


reception desk

The designer of this reception desk can be customized, the material can be customized, the size and style can be customized. The style of the marble, the color of the kick, the layout of the interior, the size and so on can also be customized. So if you want the left side to be the tall side and the right side to be the short side there’s no problem. You just need to tell our staff, we will help you customize according to your requirements.

Size: 3200x600x1000mm
Material: Marble, SLATE, stainless steel
Production time: About 28 working days