High-end reception desk Marble counters for sale in hotel


Customize a high-end reception desk for your hotel, decoration, counter layout, material customization and style selection.


Most hotels in the lobby will design a high-end atmospheric design of the reception desk, you can see the left is black marble, plus the right solid wood in the luxury with low-key theme. It has become the choice of most customers, so we usually choose a reception desk like this in the design of choosing the reception desk.Let me introduce you to the secret of this reception desk!

Conventional shape

Ordinary shape but not cheap. The regular shape makes a high-end quality, which is not a simple matter. Just look at it on the left is a marble wrap production, black smooth texture of marble is popular style, its surface is smooth, hard and durable.So you can easily clean and care for it, and with the solid wood strips on the side, it is very designed and adds a touch of sophistication to our reception area. We will install LED lights under the counter to illuminate it.

Reception desk


The countertop is our main focus, because our staff usually need to work on the countertop to complete the registration of visitors or business processing. So our countertops must have enough space. The hard table allows us to work better on it, followed by the service life of the table.Its countertop is flat, easy to move things and work. The telling of the table is moderate, generally 900mm, 1000mm or 1100mm is enough. These requirements are customizable.

If your reception area is relatively large, so we can also make the reception desk larger, so that it can accommodate more receptionists and more customer reception positions, will not cause consulting or business congestion problems.

Size: 300x600x1100mm
Material: Marble, solid wood
Production: About 25-28 business days