High-end restaurant Glowing stone reception desk




Usually in the middle of the hall of the restaurant, we will see a very advanced cashier on the front, so that customers can order, place orders, register, and queue for admission. In particular, the use of materials such as transparent stone at the front desk can further enhance the temperament of our front desk and enhance the atmosphere of the entire office area. Plus some on the back for red wine, wine rack.

Transparent stone

Nowadays, many restaurants, bars, and arcades use light-transmitting stones like these with lights as the main material for the reception desk. Like this reception desk now, it’s designed with a theme of the kind of material that looks like a climbing wall, plus it’s light transparent stone, and the effect of the production is very beautiful and advanced.

Its surface is not smooth design, it feels granular, so that our entire kiosk is very textured. The bottom is with LED lights protruding to appear very even design sense.

Its overall designer multi-level design, you can see a total of three elements in the front, the bottom is the amber like texture, and then up is like the mountain light pattern combination, the last side is the wood grain splicing, is also like the mountain design lines.

Dark wood countertops

The countertop designer of this reception desk is dark wood color, and the corner on both sides is a curved design. After the treatment of varnish, our countertop looks very textured and advanced.The space on the counter is large enough to accommodate two computers and two staff members working at the reception desk. So this is a two-person countertop.