High-Quality Black Marble Reception Desk for Hotels


Luxurious black marble reception desk for hotels, exuding elegance and sophistication. Impress your guests with this superior quality piece.


Elevate the entrance of your hotel with this luxurious black marble reception desk. The superior quality and sleek design will impress your guests from the moment they walk in.The black marble hotel front desk is a very elegant and sophisticated design, the fashion and design of this reception desk is highlighted by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. It makes our whole office space noble. The smooth black marble adds to the sense of affluence and luxury, and the surface has a glossy and smooth effect that surprises us.

Black marble

The reception desk is mainly made of black marble, and the bottom is made of gold stainless steel. The combination of these two materials adds some luxury and elegance to our reception desk. The smooth black marble countertop and shiny gold stainless steel base combine to create a striking visual contrast that instantly catches the customer’s eye.

Black marble is known for its durability and resistance to scratches and stains, and the gold stainless steel base adds a touch of luxury and sophistication while also providing solid support for the heavy marble top.In addition to being beautiful and durable, the black marble reception desk with a gold stainless steel base also conveys a sense of professionalism and sophistication.

Counter layout

The “front” of a company, hotel or organization is all about making a strong impression on the customer at first sight. In order to give customers a good impression and make people more comfortable waiting. Counter layout is also very important.

  1. Position. When customers come to your company, they first need to consult the reception desk for appointment information and inform the main visitors today. It is very important to let customers find the right place the first time, as a visitor, time is money, so your counter must be placed in front of the company’s main entrance.
  2. LOGO. It is best to set your company’s logo or brand on the front of the counter, because this can let your customers or visitors remember your name. When there is any business in the back they will also say your name, which is a very good marketing tool.
  3. Layout.Here refers to the layout of the counter, our main purpose is to make it easy for our staff to pick up and take things. Therefore, it is best to set drawers and cabinet doors on both sides of the staff doing their work. The countertop can design the location of the folder, the location of the computer. Sockets should be installed above counters or under cabinets. So you can plug in your computer and phone. Easy to use.

Customized idea

We are a custom factory, and all cabinets need to be designed before production. Except for specific or standard styles. So if you have any design ideas or opinions, we can produce according to your requirements. We can help you make a new design according to your requirements, size, style design, material and your budget. You can contact our customer service for more information. It is convenient for us to arrange to start the design and production.