Hollow carving white reception desk for modern office design counter


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In fact, very few people use the technology of carving in modern times, because such technology is being forgotten. But in fact, this is a very technical test for thousands of years, a skill that should be widely spread. Carving can be any shape, it can be the shape of an object, some decorative shapes, flowers, figures are all OK, as long as you tell us what shape we need to carve.The white reception desk with geometric sculptures adds vitality and a sense of design and art to our originally monotonous reception desk.

Hand carving

Using the craft of engraving, you prove that you are very discerning, and the effect of the production will let you marvel. Engraving is because of its complexity, every position needs to be carved by hand, just like the face of a person, need to add some cosmetics on the face can make our whole face become very delicate and beautiful. And carving can achieve such an effect, to a certain extent, is a design that can attract attention. Make the ordinary style extraordinary.

One of the main advantages of hand engraving is the level of precision and detail that can be achieved. When sculpting by hand, artisans have complete control over each stroke and cut, allowing them to create complex designs and patterns that may be difficult to achieve with machines. This level of precision also allows for more personalization and unique pieces, as each carving is a unique creation.Unlike machines, hand carving requires artisans to personally touch the material, feel its texture, and respond to its nuances.

Modern style design

The overall aesthetic of the front desk is clean and modern, with no superfluous decorations or unnecessary details. Its clean lines and minimalist design exude a sense of professionalism and sophistication that sets the tone for the rest of the building. The surface is smooth and flawless without any clutter or distractions, and the white color scheme is a smart choice for the space, creating a feeling of openness and lightness that helps make the office feel welcoming and inviting.

White paint countertop

The counter will be a little lower than the whole counter, so that we can have a suitable position to work on the counter. Its countertop is also used white paint, computers, office files, phones and items can be neatly placed on our desktop. Facilitate communication with visitors and do a good job of visitor registration.

The design of the front is that the carving is depressed, and the upper and lower parts will be more prominent than the carved part. In this way, the aesthetics of the cabinet can be more revealed. At the same time, we better install LED lights at the bottom of the cabinet, so that our cabinet is more clear under the lighting, and can also guide us to better operation.

Size: 2500x600x900mm
Material: White paint, carving, shape can be customized
Production: About 28 business days
Color: White, custom
Use place: office, hair salon, studio, museum
Payment method: Wire transfer, Western Union, online payment