Hotel Stylish Wooden Reception Desk with LED L shape Design


Modern wooden reception desk with LED lighting.


This wooden reception desk features a sleek design with LED recessed lighting for a modern touch. The perfect combination of style and functionality for any office space.The desk is designed with the function in mind, with plenty of storage space for paperwork, stationery, and other necessities. LED lighting is seamlessly integrated into the design, providing a subtle yet stylish touch that enhances the overall look of the reception desk.

  • This cabinet is an L-shaped reception desk. The front of the cabinet is designed with a groove with LED lights, which can put some decorations or small objects. LED lights are yellow and can also be customized.
  • The size of the front desk is 3500x600x1100mm, the color can be customized, and the size can be customized according to your requirements to suit your area.We have our own designer team, we can help you make a new design, according to your requirements, add your logo.
  • The production time is generally 28 working days, if you have customized requirements, we recommend that you start to do 3d renderings, see the final design effect.
  • Payment method, use wire transfer or Western Union. Please inform our customer service before starting production and send your logo file.