Lovely reception desk in kindergarten with custom reception decoration




Imagine walking into a kindergarten and being greeted by a custom cute reception desk decorated with colorful decorations and personalized touches. The walls are painted in pastel pastels with cheerful murals of animals and natural scenery. The table itself is made of warm wood, polished to a sparkling finish, and the glass top displays handmade crafts and art created by the children.

Reception desk

Cute design

The kindergarten. The theme designer of the nursery attracts children, so we need to customĀ  some cute elements and some decorations in the design. Just like the reception desk, we see its front showing a sunrise just coming out, adding layers of clouds to make it more elegant. It is worth noting that the sun that we will increase the lights, so that it shows the hope of the motherland as full of vitality.

Reception desk

The white counter is marble, with a custom color of paint after it looks high-end but very delicate. Is the choice of many kindergarten design. We will custom some decorations on the table, such as small pendants, plants, small objects and so on.However, a perfect reception area only has a reception desk is not enough, we also need to customize some decorations in the reception area, such as adding an ear-shaped arch on the back, and we will have some balloons on the top of the reception area. With the decoration of the chandelier, the design of our reception desk is further highlighted.

Size: 2500x600x1100mm
Material: Marble, custom color paint
Production: About 25-28 business days