Luxury gold mirror stainless steel and black marble hotel reception desk



Look at this! It is a reception desk made of luxurious mirrored stainless steel and black marble, set in the reception area of the hotel that blends the design to create a striking and sophisticated aesthetic that immediately elevates the overall atmosphere of the space. The smooth and reflective surface of stainless steel adds a touch of modernity and charm, while the black marble exudes a sense of elegance and opulence. The gold and black are visually glamorous and indulgent, making the whole company very noble and golden, setting the tone for the entire hotel experience.

Custom front desk

The front of the front desk uses gold mirror stainless steel as the main color and material of the cabinet, and black marble as the secondary material on the top. The combination of black and gold makes our counter show high-end atmosphere at the same time of luxury.

reception desk

It is very necessary to design such a large front desk in the lobby of the hotel, you can see that the counter table size is relatively wide. The countertop is black marble and the size is 800mm, so you have enough space to work on the countertop.You can add some decorations to the top of the countertop, or some countertop trinkets are no problem. It can accommodate 4-5 crew members and is large enough to give you plenty of room to do your work. At the same time, we will also install sockets under the counter of the countertop to facilitate the use of computers and mobile phones and other devices.

How does the reception design match the lobby

We see many large hotels inside the lobby will see a front desk, the style of the counter is matched with the hall. Just like this grounding platform, its theme design is the same theme as the hotel’s lobby designer, the ceiling is decorated with gold lamp beads on the ceiling, the theme designer of the counter is gold mirror stainless steel, the bottom is black stainless steel feet, and the top is black marble.

Whether marble or stainless steel, their surface treatment is shiny, smooth, usually under the countertop we will also install LED lights, illuminate our front desk. Luxurious decor will grace your reception area. Enhance your hotel brand and create a luxury, quality hotel.

So how to make our front desk and the hotel lobby is like a match, we can refer to the hall’s theme color, decorations, brand concept, and the company’s design concept. We can start from these aspects, according to these ideas to do, we can better complete this perfect project.