Luxury transparent stone reception desk U shape with hotel lobby


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An upscale hotel needs some upscale design to be worthy of the overall theme. For example, this transparent stone reception desk with a grain brings up the high-level sense of our entire hall. Its surface glows, making us feel like we have entered a luxurious space to enjoy. From a distance, you will not think that this is a stone, more like a gem, a luminous jewelry, very precious and luxurious.

Transparent stone style

1.Many large hotel lobbies can see the reception desk designed like this, this is a U-shaped design of the reception desk. But what is most striking is the surface of the transparent stone. It’s amazing. It can glow and light up our entire office area.

2.The durability of the transparent stone ensures that the reception desk can withstand the wear and tear of the daily busy office environment. The smooth surface of the stone is easy to clean and maintain, maintaining its original appearance at all times. The reception desk made of transparent stone enhances the aesthetic appeal of the office space.

3.The transparent stone is a very luxurious design, and the surface lines are very clear, just like a painting, with clear lines inside. Its surface is very smooth and shiny, and stainless steel feet are installed underneath to protect the counter and support the entire reception desk.

U-shaped reception

The transparent stone reception desk is a U-shaped design style with three displays, of which the front is the main display and the design on both sides can be auxiliary to the main reception window. Inside the design of two staff in the inside, the space is large enough, whether it is the countertop working space or the bottom storage space is sufficient. So we can put some papers, folders, computers, mobile phones on our desks to work. The countertop is also decorated with some matching lanterns and lamps. So we will also install sockets inside the cabinet for the equipment to use.