Marble and solid wood strip splicing front desk Coffee shop front desk

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The Mosaic of marble and solid wood strips gives the design of the entire reception desk an air of luxury and sophistication. When paired with solid wood strip splicing, marble takes on a modern and contemporary look. The contrast between the cool, smooth marble surface and the warm, textured wood creates a visually striking combination that is both appealing and complex. Marble scratch resistant, stain resistant, heat resistant, is a practical choice for the front desk, because the front desk is likely to leak and accidents. Solid wood is also a durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas such as the front desk of a cafe.

Marble and round lamp pattern

This is white marble with lines, the design of the middle design is the most characteristic, the middle is a circular with a pattern, which is embedded in the LED light.Modern fashion marble production is now the most popular design style, this marble is not only white, it is the kind of design with images. This looks very fashionable, and the smooth surface can make our work more efficient. Marble also has durable, waterproof lamp properties.

Reception desk

Solid wood strip

The left side of the reception desk is made of solid wood strips, a group of strips of solid wood, and the surface is made with grain. With varnish treatment, the surface is smooth and textured. The bottom of the countertop will be illuminated by LED lights, and the solid wood strip is very textured under the light.

Reception desk

The size of the table is large enough, because the shopkeeper is selling tea, so we can place coffee tables, gaps, tea pets on the table. Next to it are plant decorations. Make our reception desk very dynamic and attract the attention of customers. The back of the reception desk can also be designed with a wall cabinet, which is specially designed to display different teas, so that we can show different teas to customers and then brew tea ready for customers to taste. Achieve very good marketing and product sales effect.

Size: 3000x600x900mm
Material: Solid wood strip, veneer, marble
Production: 28 working days