Modern Hotel Front Desk with Gold Stainless Steel design custom


Elegant hotel front desk with gold stainless steel accents for a luxurious touch.


This hotel front desk features a sleek design with gold stainless steel accents, creating a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere for guests checking in.The modern hotel front desk design is very varied, but the design with a little gold decoration is really rare. The clash of modern and gold is like a cross between something fashionable and something luxurious. Stylish modern designs and gold accents feature aesthetics, adding some charm as well as sophistication to the bold gold.The front desk is made of golden stainless steel, which guarantees the durability of the counter and its service life. But the combination of gold design and modern design adds some elegance and luxury to our counter.

Gold counter design

White counter and gold stainless steel as decoration, so that our counter design is very advanced. The counter is also finished like a marble fire board and quartz stone, both of which can be made. The difference is the price. The front of the treatment is decorated with a honey nest design pattern on the front of our counter. Under the showoff is golden without modifying the kick. LED lights are also installed on the bottom.

The surface is decorated with gold marble reception desk, exuding elegant temperament. The surface of the counter is a smooth design, and we also polish it more than five times, adding meaning and luxury to our marble surface. Intricate gold details give our counters a palatial feel.

Marble material

The gold-decorated marble front desk exudes elegance and sophistication. Smooth, polished marble surfaces add a touch of luxury to the space, while intricate gold details lend a sense of grandeur.The combination of marble and gold creates a stunning visual contrast that is both striking and timeless. Subtle marble textures add depth and texture to the table, while gold accents sparkle in the light, drawing the eye and drawing attention to the intricate craft design.

There is another material can also achieve this effect, that is, quartz stone, can also be the surface of the pattern. It looks like a very advanced pattern and design. So you want your counter to look textured.The sleek and smooth surface of the marble is beautifully complemented by intricate gold details that adorn the edges and corners of the desk. The gold accents add a touch of opulence and glamour, making this piece a true statement of luxury.