Modern reception desk in beauty salon with fashion counter design idea




At first glance, this is a curved line and simple white combination, the reason for this design is because the customer wanted a customized reception desk style positioning is a refined and advanced feeling. One look at its surface is a very clear line design, around the entire reception desk. Set off a very advanced feeling, the use of the beauty salon inside the entire area is very clean and tidy.

Golden line

The shape of the reception desk is straight, but the counters on both sides are curved and curved, which can avoid the collision of customers or staff and receive injuries. Its side and front cabinet design we added a golden line production, its shape is curved, curved lines, the touch is very textured. It’s like these lines are all around the reception desk, and they’re all integrated into the reception desk.

The golden lines are made of gold stainless steel. Above the linear design, we also add the illumination of LED lights, so we can see that the whole reception desk is very elegant and exquisite.

reception desk

Unique shape

Although its counter is white, you can also see that its shape is actually a special design concept. This usually requires customization to achieve this effect. Its counter is also following the arc of the line the same direction, the shape is the arc of the line.The bottom of it is gold stainless steel kicker, which is also given to you in order to better protect our counters from receiving wet ground damage.

Size: 2800x600x1100mm
Materials: Gold stainless steel, stone, paint, accessories
Production: About 25-28 business days