Modern Technology Industry Office Long Reception Desk


Sleek and modern long reception desk for technology industry offices, providing ample space for guest check-in and communication with visitors.


The technology industry office long reception desk is a sleek and modern addition to any workspace, providing ample space for guest check-in and easy communication with visitors. Made with durable materials and a contemporary design, this desk is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

LED light

Usually, a high-tech company’s design style should be the same as the company’s philosophy. The design needs to have the feeling of customers to adapt to your company’s brand benefits.Bright LED lights are the finishing touch of this counter and can improve visibility. We also installed a cold light lamp at the bottom of the counter, which also gives you a very modern aesthetic for your counter designer.

The front of the cabinet is also very designed, with white embellishments to make the whole counter more designed, the middle position is a little concave texture, and the bottom is also installed with lighting.The combination of science and technology and modernity is the most in line with the modern mainstream trend, which is the most in line with modern design.

U shaped design

The design of the whole counter is a U-shaped design, the middle is a combination of white and light blue design, and the counter design on both sides is blue. The purpose of this design is to make our cabinet not only one color, but can have more design sense. At the same time, a U-shaped reception desk and a counter on the back make the whole front desk area full of technology. High level design for the IT field.

Office computers, cell phones, files, phones, or product catalogs are placed above the counter so that customers can be guided as soon as they come in. It can also allow visitors to preview our product manual while waiting, so that they can better understand our products when they meet.

Storage counter

The size of this counter is relatively large, so it is best to confirm the size of the area you want to make before making it. In order to have enough room to put in your place. Inside the reception desk we’ll install lockers, drawers and doors. In this way, you can better install your items or company information and other documents into the cabinet, we will also equip you with a good key and lock. Generally if your counter also needs to install sockets, so we will also help you connect the wires.

If you have any customization ideas, please contact our customer service, we will provide you with customized options!!!