Modern U-shaped baby shop Front desk with LED lights

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Modern design style U-shaped front desk of mother and baby shop. Investing in a mother and baby shop can be a lucrative opportunity, as the baby care market is growing rapidly.The design of the store contains a lot of parts, such as the design of the baby store to have bag clothing display area, toy display area, baby play area, mothers to buy the area, shopping guide area, shelf display area, while each area is very necessary to mark. But a good baby shop business needs to invest a lot of time and money in the early stage, I can briefly summarize what we need to do before the start.

reception desk

U-shaped design

This is a U-shaped front desk of a baby store. Its design style is modern and fashionable, and its color is macaron, which is very attractive. The design of this reception desk is very practical, the front of the cabinet can display some products, and the shelf inside can place our objects for sales or to attract customers’ attention.The designer on the corner is very noteworthy, he is a right Angle, but we have made an arc in the position of the corner, so as to avoid the collision injury of customers and consider the safety of customers.

The front design of the front desk plus a metal mesh iron frame, the idea is surrounded by a small colored ball, which will be installed LED light belt, the ball is very cute under the light. We will install LED lights inside Each shelf. Lighting up the entire office area.

reception desk

How to start a baby shop:

1. Research the market and understand the growth opportunities in the nursing industry.
2. Create a comprehensive business plan, such as your investment goals, target markets, product offerings, marketing strategies, and financial projections.
3. Find a suitable location, generally the more opportunities there are for large passenger traffic.
4. Look for quality products, ensure the quality of products, clothing, accessories, toys, furniture, etc.
5. Find and cooperate with suitable suppliers to ensure stable supply of products at competitive prices.
5. Brand benefit, through some promotion, marketing, for your store to create a brand image.
6. Service, provide customers with a quality service, build customer loyalty, attract buybacks.

reception desk

Size: 1500x1000x1000mm
Materials: Color paint, metal, stainless steel
Production: 28 working days