Modern white acrylic curved reception desk in company




If you have seen too many reception desk design, may appear aesthetic fatigue, then you can take a look at this reception desk design. It also looks like an ordinary reception desk with modern design, but we need to check its material details, shape effects, and final effect display are all very beautiful. Its front design is like an arched bridge, with high counters on both sides and a curve in the middle, like a winding road and a child’s slide. The exquisite reception desk design can attract the attention of customers and enhance the beauty of the office area.

reception desk

Modern design

The reception desk of modern design is generally composed of simple lines, and after the theme color of white, our reception desk is more elegant and delicate. Its front display is white acrylic, and the intervals are white paint. Its overall display is very advanced, the front texture is not flat, it is textured, under the white paint we will install LED lights.The customized reception desk has curved heads on the left and right sides, a sunken counter in the middle, and a counter display with curved design on the front.

Customized options

We are a factory specializing in custom commercial furniture, and we have done many reception desk projects. Design a customized reception desk to suit the specific layout and size of the reception area. This can help maximize the use of space and create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for visitors. By customizing the size, shape and layout of the reception desk, businesses can ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the reception area.

Size: 3000x600x1100mm
Materials: Paint, white acrylic, stone
Production: About 25-28 business days