Modern Wood Color Curved Reception Desk for Office or Reception Area


Modern wood color curved reception desk, perfect for any office or reception area.


The micro curved reception desk in a wood color is a sleek and modern piece perfect for any office or reception area. With its compact size and curved design, it is both functional and stylish.

Curved Shape

A micro curved reception desk in a wood color would look elegant and modern. The warm tones of the wood add a touch of sophistication to the curved design of the desk, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere in the reception area. The curved shape adds interest and style to the desk, making it a focal point in the space. Overall, a wood-colored micro curved reception desk would be a beautiful addition to any office or business setting.

LED light

White lights will be installed under the reception counter, and the wood color above is relatively dark.To create a modern and inviting ambiance in the lobby area. The soft glow of the lights will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests as they check in to the hotel. The white lights will also help to illuminate the reception counter, making it easier for staff to assist guests and carry out their duties efficiently. Overall, the addition of these lights will help to enhance the overall aesthetic of the hotel lobby and create a more pleasant experience for guests.
We are a custom furniture factory, and have done many different styles of design of the reception desk or the front desk used in different occasions. If you need to customize a new style or color, size, materials are customized services. My suggestion is to contact our customer service first to help you customize, so that we can do 3d design rendering according to your requirements.