New design solid wood strip and pattern front desk in Health club


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No matter what the leisure and entertainment places we will see the hall inside will be installed in front of a cashier, as to greet customers, service customers, help customers level and other businesses. When we walk into a hall, we are greeted by this Chinese-style design of the front desk, which is a very ancient design, and the combination of patterns is like a combination of modern and ancient products.

Solid wood strip

The front of the reception desk of this wellness pavilion is designed with solid wood strips, which are made up of a number of hand-made strips to form a fence. It’s like an ancient screen, separating the room from the living room. There’s a kind of looming beauty. The countertop is also a wood veneer. After the varnish treatment, the countertop surface of the counter is very smooth and shiny, which can improve the work efficiency of the staff.

Engraving pattern

Behind the “fence” is a three-dimensional carved pattern design, its pattern is a series of mountains, from near to far, as if in the desert. Inside seems to be a golden desert, with a very mysterious veil calling us.LED lights were added to its surface to illuminate the entire back, and the outside of each fan was illuminated by lights. You can also make it black or any other color, depending on what color you like.

reception desk


On each counter we can add decorations, for example you can add plants, small objects, ornaments, or anything you want to display can be placed on the counter. In order to better match the design of your shop and the reception desk, we can also add some decorative lights in the ceiling, cloud lights, ceiling or light decoration. The back wall can also be designed according to the theme of the reception desk.

Size: 3500x600x1000mm
Materials: Solid wood, wood veneer, paint, LED light
Production: 28 working days