Oceanarium Reception Desk Hotel Design Layout – Modern and Sleek Ocean-Inspired Desk for Hotels


Modern ocean-inspired reception desk for hotels.


The oceanarium reception desk hotel design layout features a sleek and modern design inspired by the beauty of the ocean. With its unique aesthetics, this reception desk will make a lasting impression on guests.Blue and green:.To further enhance the Marine theme, blue and green hues are used in the foreground. This can help guests create a calm and serene atmosphere when checking in.

Incorporate Marine life elements.Incorporate Marine life elements such as shells, coral or fish patterns into the front desk design. This helped to link the concept of the aquarium and create a cohesive look throughout the hotel.

  1. Incorporate interactive elements: To enhance the guest experience, consider incorporating interactive elements into the reception desk design. This could include touch screens with information about the oceanarium, virtual aquarium displays, or interactive games for guests to enjoy while they wait to check in.
  2. The material of the reception desk is composed of a metal frame, which is made of fire boards inside and stickers outside. It’s a glass display, and the lighting can be customized. The design and design theme above is based on the ocean.
  3. The curved front desk design plus the sea blue theme will make your restaurant, hotel or aquarium more modern and aesthetic benefits. The size is 2500mm in diameter and 1100mm in height, or it can be customized according to your requirements.