Oval Shape White Modern Design Front Desk for Reception Area or Office Space


Sleek oval shape white front desk for modern offices.


This oval shape white modern design front desk is perfect for any reception area or office space, with its sleek and contemporary look.The oval shape of the desk provides ample workspace for receptionists or office staff to greet clients and guests. The desk also features a built-in counter for storage and organization of office supplies, files, and other essentials.

  • This is according to the customer’s requirements to customize the reception desk, the shape of the designer is very modern aesthetic benefits. White countertop with gold mirror stainless steel design.
  • The concave front is a hollowed-out design with gold mirrored stainless steel inside. The countertop is wood grain fire board.
  • On the surface of the counter, we also designed an embedded white LED light strip. Make our front desk very fashionable and design sense. Gold stainless steel kickers are mounted on the bottom.