Pink themed design with marble reception desk for office


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Our reception desk has always been a high-profile architectural project, as it plays an integral role in the progress of the entire project. But how to customize a reception desk for your office that fits the theme of your company is really a difficult problem, no matter, through this design display maybe you will have any idea. I hope you like the effect of this design.

Step 1: Design the theme

The theme color of the reception desk is pink, many people know that pink gives people the feeling of warmth, tenderness, generous, meticulous, used in our reception design can make customers have a sense of belonging, intimacy and fashion to a certain extent. In fact, you can also decide the specific design theme according to your brand concept or your logo theme, and many theme design colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

Step 2: Marble material

The second focus of this reception desk design is the marble part, you can see it on the right side of the design is a dark marble patchwork. This design is very bold, adding atmospheric marble construction under the gentle theme. Enhance the temperament of the entire reception area. Improve the office space and grade. Under the table, the LED light is added to illuminate the cabinet more advanced.

Step 3: Wave board decoration

In the right design of the reception desk, we added a wave board as a decoration, simple but not monotonous wave board appears more fashionable. The white wave board is very distinctive under the light and is an indispensable part of the reception desk.

Step 4: Specifications

We are a custom furniture factory, all the furniture in our factory is customized according to the requirements of customers, the following specifications are based on the specifications of this design. If you need to customize the size, color, material and style design, you can send your design requirements or the reception desk requirements to be made to our customer service. We will help you customize according to your requirements. My suggestion is to start the design first, and the design cost is 300 dollars.
Size: 2500x600x900mm
Materials: Marble, paint, stainless steel, wavy plate
Customization: 28 working days
Design: $300 design reception desk
Payment method: Wire transfer, Western Union