“Princess” Reception desk with diamond Elegant beauty salon information desk



The reception of the Princess beauty salon with diamonds is a sight to behold. Upon entering, I was greeted by a glittering table, exuding elegance and charm. The table is made of smooth polished wood and decorated with a shimmering gold that attracts light and makes the whole space feel like a fairy tale come true. Especially after adding the arched door on the back, it looks like living in a princess’s room from a distance, which is very elegant and delicate. Use in the beauty salon is a very good idea, every visitor into the beauty salon hope that they can be beautiful out of the beauty salon, and can let themselves get a good relaxation in the beauty salon.

With diamonds

Can you imagine that we can add a drill to the reception desk design! What an amazing design concept, we can see the elegant design of the front of the reception desk from the cash register. Its front design is a reception desk with a lot of diamonds, and the surface is more elegant and beautiful after the design of lines. Every one of its diamonds looks like it’s set in a cabinet.

1: Make the wooden cabinet. The workers cut the material to make the wooden cabinet body, make a whole wooden cabinet system and then splice it.

2: Polish. The whole wooden cabinet is polished more than five times, and the color is applied after grinding.

3: Color and let dry. If it is baking paint, it needs to be colored, during which it will be more than a few times until the final color comes out. Then let dry for assembly.

4: Assemble the accessories. Accessories are key, lock, wire, light box picture, logo, advertising machine, drawer, slide rail, stainless steel kicker, LED light strip