Professional Brown Solid Wood Reception Desk for Office Space


Elegant Brown Solid Wood Reception Desk for Office Space


The glossy Brown Solid Wood Reception Desk is an elegant addition to any office space. Featuring a sleek design and ample storage, this desk exudes professionalism and sophistication.The brown solid wood reception desk used in the company is very grade and advanced. Rounded reception feet. The countertop finish is very flat and smooth without damaging the natural texture of the wood.Under the counter, we can also install LED lights to illuminate, so that the role of the front desk is more apparent, and customers can find guidance at once. The back wall can also be designed with the same theme, and the inner back cabinet can be made into a lattice, so that you can put your documents or decorations on it. When customers see something that is representative of the company’s products, they will trust it more and deepen their impression. Achieve a good marketing effect.

  • Size: 2200x800x1100mm
  • Material: Solid wood/fire board/custom
  • Production time: About 28 working days
  • Customization: Color, size, material, style design can be customized

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