Professional Wood Corporate Oval shape Reception Desk – High-Quality Design


High-quality wood reception desk for a professional and welcoming corporate environment.


This corporate reception desk is made from high-quality wood, designed to make a lasting impression on visitors. It offers a professional and welcoming aesthetic for your reception area.Made from high-quality wood materials such as oak, walnut or cherry, these tables are designed to stand up to everyday use and add a touch of sophistication to any office or business environment.

Size: 2500x600x1000mm

Shape: Oval shape/custom

Color: Wood grain/Custom

Material: Oak/fire board/Custom

Production: About 28 business days

Hardware accessories: LED lights, keys, locks, wires, slide rails

How to pay

Our products are available all over the world and our payment method is by wire transfer, Western Union. A small design fee of 300USD can be paid to us through paypal.Please contact customer service for electronic invoice.

If the space is relatively small or relatively large, there is still a lot of space to put the reception desk, the size needs to be customized. Contact our customers online via email or the button at the bottom right. Leave your email. Or you can contact our customer service directly.

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