Rectangular Laminate Reception Desk in white modern design office


The front of this reception desk is a display of LED lights, if you like, you can also change a variety of colors. The surface of this reception desk is painted, and the dimensions can be shown against the details page.


The reception desk of modern design is a design element commonly used by many companies now, you can design a white design reception desk for your reception desk. The rectangular design of the reception desk design is relatively special, the shape is more design sense, and its specifications can also be customized according to your requirements. Generally, the material used is laminate surface treated with baking paint. If you are also interested in this reception desk, please contact us. If you have any customized ideas, please let our customer service know.

  • Designers say: Everything just to make you more special
  • This is a versatile front desk reasonable layout design, atmospheric lines, steady style, wise passion style
  • Suitable for a variety of office environments, to meet different office needs, such as: clothing stores, office halls, educational institutions, service places and so on

reception desk