Red Solid Wood Bar Curved Reception Desk – Stylish & Functional Office Furniture


Stylish and functional red solid wood bar curved reception desk for office or reception area.


This red solid wood bar curved reception desk is both stylish and functional, making a statement in any office or reception area. Its unique design adds a touch of elegance to any space.The effect of the solid wood strips is very beautiful, and the strips are then connected together. Will make your front desk position look very advanced effect design. The color of the solid wood can be customized, it can be white, black, red, yellow or any color you want to customize.

  • The design theme of this reception desk is red, indicating a warm welcome to every visitor, so that our entire office area is full of enthusiasm. The reception desk is very bright under the light, which makes our company or office full of vitality.
  • If you have your own company brand or logo, we can add your logo on the front of the front desk, so that your cabinet will look very advanced.
  • The chandelier and decoration at the top is also a red and white theme design, which looks like a very matching combination. Generally can be used in the hair salon, generally such a reception desk is suitable for use in some entertainment or leisure places, can make people feel comfortable.
  • The layout of the reception desk is generally composed of drawers, cabinet doors, and lockers. We’ll give you keys and locks for every locker. This way you can store your personal belongings or important papers in the locker.

If you have any customization needs, please contact our staff: