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Retro reception desk is generally used in some studios, some classical areas as payment, customer registration area. It is obvious that a lot of thought has been spent on the design of this reception desk. The front of this style is four “X”, and the back is illuminated by LED lights, which appears to be a Spanish pastoral design. The theme color is black as the main color, which can reflect the high-end atmosphere of the cabinet.

reception desk

Reception desk design

This reception desk uses three or four design elements, the reception desk is made of black solid wood, the surface is textured design. The countertop is flat and the staff can sit in it. The front of the reception desk is composed of four small counters in a small square design. The bottom design is the same black solid wood as the countertop. The small square frame is wood grain veneer treatment, after varnish treatment, become very advanced.

Each small square has an acrylic plate with a pattern design, and inside we will add LED lights to illuminate the inside. Inside, the pattern can be customized. You can send us the pattern you want to customize, and we will make it according to your pattern.

reception desk

Drawers and storage

The counter designer inside the reception desk is very advanced, you can see that the theme color of the reception desk inside is wood grain veneer. The surface is treated with varnish, which is very smooth and shiny. The color of the countertop is the same grain of wood as the cabinet inside. This is a very matching design, the counter can also put computers, mobile phones, some ornaments, plants, small items. We will also install sockets and wires at the counter for staff to use.

reception desk

On the left are two cabinet doors designed to hold some objects, with a drawer next to it and two lockers without doors at the bottom. In the middle is a pull-out board where you can put your computer keyboard. On the right, there are two drawers on the top, a cabinet door on the bottom is the host computer, and a locker with a cabinet door is next to it.