Silver water ripple light luxury reception desk beauty salon clothing store



The silver water ripple reception desk is a very special style in design, because its front design is like ripples on the surface of the sea. If the design concept is added to the reception desk, it is very worthy of reference. The modern design style of light luxury can indeed attract the attention of visitors, and the most important thing is that such a counter visually makes people feel high-end.In the reception desks of beauty salons and clothing stores, a popular design trend is the use of silver water ripple light luxury materials. Silver is a versatile and timeless material that exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Silver water ripple

The silver reflective surface also helps to create a sense of openness and lightness in the space, making it feel more spacious and inviting. The addition of a water ripple light effect on the silver surface adds an element of movement and vitality to the design of the reception desk.

It is a U-shaped design, the countertop is white artificial stone, can also be replaced with black artificial stone. Fasten the counter top to the cabinet.The surface is anti-bright film with a little texture of the reception desk design, different angles will produce different colors and different visual effects. The concept of light luxury design is particularly important in salon decoration, which can improve our grade,

reception desk


The ripple effect creates a sense of flow and energy, giving the table a modern and contemporary look. The play of light and shadow on the undulating surface adds depth and dimension to the design, creating a visually engaging focal point for the reception area.

reception desk

Three drawers are set up on the left and right sides, a counter with double doors, and the remaining space is a partition, which becomes more clean after installing LED lights.The countertop has enough space to work on. You can place your work files, phones, computers, decorations, folders, company manuals, registration forms, and things.

How to customize a suitable reception desk?

Many customers will have a question when designing their own reception desk, how should I start designing this reception desk? What kind of style is consistent with my brand concept. In general, when designing, you can put your logo concept, theme style and your decoration style are consistent. The layout will also be the most suitable location, generally placed in the middle of our store, and some chandelier decoration can be installed on the top.

Size: 2200x600x900mm
Materials: Fire-proof board, baking paint
Production time: About 28 working days