Small Reception Desk with LED Lights and Wave Front Design


Modern, small reception desk with LED lights and wave front design.


This small reception desk features an elegant wave front design and LED lights, creating a modern and professional look for any reception area.The small reception desk designer is very modern design, the left is wood color and the right is white LED light cabinet. The use of a very reasonable layout design in your office area, the custom front desk is made according to the client’s design.

White LED light

A white LED can light up your office area, visitors to your company to see this counter design is very comfortable. This reception desk can only accommodate one person, if your office area is small you can make such a counter. If your office area is relatively large, you need to customize a large office area. There’s no problem with that.

Customize reception steps

You can tell our customer service staff the size of the reception desk you need to customize, and we will draw detailed construction drawings according to the counter you send. Pay a deposit to start production, during which we will update you with pictures and videos. If it is custom, we will customize the counter according to your requirements, make a 3d rendering, and then you can see the final effect.

Size: 1000x350x600mm
Color: Wood/White/Custom
Material: Veneer/paint/custom
Production time: 18 working days