Solid wood glossy finish reception desk with storage




When I stepped into the stylish and modern office space, my eye was immediately drawn to the stunning solid wood gloss front desk and storage design. The smooth surface adds a touch of elegance and refinement, making it the focal point of the entire office space. The natural solid wood grain is very textured, which can attract people’s attention at once, and there is a storage counter at the bottom of it.The gloss of the wood gives a sense of luxury and sophistication, adding a touch of sophistication to the office space.


  1. The counter is made up of three elements, the first is a smooth solid wood finish, the front is illuminated acrylic, and the bottom is a pale green cabinet. The combination of these three elements is like a splicing of nature and modern elements, which appears to be a very inspiring design.
  2. The yellow luminous acrylic is also a design careful machine that can not be seen less, you can pass the decoration of this acrylic at the reception desk, improve the visibility of the front desk, and surround the cabinet into a high-speed iron head.
  3. The production of this kind of wood has a calming and calming effect, which can make our visitors feel more relaxed when they come into this space. Because the customer is generally not patient when waiting, if you can make the customer feel comfortable in this waiting area, it is a very good design idea. It may also promote cooperation between us.

Reception desk decoration

Because the theme color of the reception desk is wood, some decorative elements can also be wood or the same color as the cabinet, so that it looks very matching. Like this reception desk above we will have some LED lights decoration, and these lights are with a little dark style. The countertop can also be designed with some decorations on it. For example, plants can absorb some dust, ultraviolet light and radiation from the computer. Small ornaments can make our reception desk more dynamic.

Size: 2300x600x900mm
Material: Solid wood, light green paint, yellow luminous acrylic
Production time: About 28 working days
Decorations: plants, small accessories, business cards, etc